Jack Warner – The Last Mogul

Depending on your location, the 2023 Jewish International Film Festival (JFF) is fast approaching, from 23rd October to 29th November. This year’s JFF will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Warner Bros by showcasing the documentary Jack L. Warner: The Last Mogul.

The Last Mogul tells the story of the reigning figure, Jack L. Warner. Emerging from modest beginnings, he and his brothers embarked on a journey that led to the creation of Warner Bros Studios. Remarkably, for over half a century, Jack Warner held the crown of this cinematic empire, leaving a mark on the history of motion pictures. This documentary provides a fascinating glimpse into the life and legacy of Jack Warner.

The Last Mogul

Directed by the grandson of Jack L. Warner, Gregory Orr, The Last Mogul is a documentary with a mix of archival interviews, footage, and photos. Throughout the documentary, we learn more about how the movie business and Warner Bros became what they are today. It was fascinating to see where film began, and it’s a journey through the generations as social attitudes changed and the technology advanced.

Although this documentary was like many that had come before it, it is still a fascinating look into the man who made the likes of Humphrey Bogart a star. Our interest throughout the film was maintained as we heard the life story of Jack L. Warner unfold. His life story came from those who knew him best. These interviewees made for a story that was impactful and credible.

Experience ‘Jack Warner: The Last Mogul’ for a glimpse into the legacy of film and the man who helped to shape its success and has become a historically significant figure. Watch the documentary at this year’s Jewish International Film Festival on the 19 June. That’s all folks!

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2023 JFF Festival Dates:

Classic Cinemas: 23 October – 29 November
Lido Cinemas: 24 October – 28 November

Ritz Cinemas: 24 October – 28 November
Roseville Cinemas: 2 November – 19 November

State Cinema: 2 November – 12 November

Luna Palace Cinemas: 16 November – 6 December

New Farm Cinemas: 16 November – 26 November

Dendy Cinemas: 15 November – 22 November

Dendy Cinemas Southport: 16 November – 22 November

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