Clue On Stage

At the Phoenix Ensemble Theatre located in the Beenleigh Showgrounds, Footlight Theatrical has performed a hilarious rendition of Clue On Stage this weekend. The theatre itself is cozy and compact, the audio is flawless, and there’s plenty of parking. For a murder mystery fan, this was a perfect whodunnit.

Six Washington-located personalities have been invited to dinner with the mysterious Mr Boddy. Instead of their host, they’re introduced to the butler, the snarky and evasive Mr Wadsworth.

Clue On Stage

All the guests have been given pseudonyms to hide their real identities, and the dinner takes a torrid turn as their newly arrived host winds up dead. Boddy has hidden evidence linking all the guests to their indiscretions, so they must find his killer and his stash of secrets before the police arrive.

Clue On Stage had people in stitches on Friday night, from the incredible acting to the set design. The set had comedic Easter eggs throughout, from the “Eat, Prey, Love” sign in the kitchen to the murder weapon-stained glass door. I wonder how Mr Boddy explained those to the decorator. 

Liam McDonell was definitely the star, running the show as Mr Wadsworth. McDonell showed his range as he ran through a summary of the show’s first half, himself playing every character. Genevieve Tree gave a hilarious performance as Mrs Peacock, a senator’s wife with her share of vices, from having a bump to booze to bribery. The audience watches her spiral out with stress while unravelling her mysterious link to the chef (Maegan Micola von Furstenrecht).

Alas, Clue On Stage was playing for only one weekend so for those who enjoy a night out at the theatre, stay tuned for any upcoming Footlights Theatrical Inc productions in the future. This was an entertaining show and a lovely night out in Beenleigh, thanks to Footlight Theatrical, and I cannot wait to see what shows they put on next.

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