Adelaide Fringe – Meg in the Magic Toyshop

The Adelaide Fringe’s Meg In The Magic Toyshop is a G-rated children’s production showing in the Atrium at The Warehouse Theatre. Children’s shows are often a hit-and-miss. Especially when you start to compare them with Wiggle’s and similar. The set is simple and in lots of bold colours.

The two performers, South Australians Mia Ferraretto as Penny, the toy soldier, and Merrilyn Greer as Meg, the doll, have the characters down pat. You can easily recognise their musical theatre training reflected in the show’s excellent payoffs.

As soon as the cast entered the stage, the audience of adults and children settled down. Penny and Meg command the stage. The storyline is pleasant and straightforward, with songs and a bit of magic that keeps the audience spellbound. It is slightly old-fashioned, but that is the charm of the show.

Adelaide Fringe - Meg in the Magic Toyshop

The cast performed their roles impeccably and ensured all children were engaged from the front down to the back row. The presentation engaged the audience and ignited their imagination with its interactive approach, effectively incorporating educational elements.

This was a simple story of a lost glove and the quest to hunt down its location in the toyshop. This 45-minute show held the audience’s attention throughout, and in the end, you could see from the smiles of the adults and children that the show was a success, and the audience went home happy.

This short but sweet show was brought to the public by Vintage Vendetta Productions and was developed in South Australia. It is undoubtedly a production company to keep an eye on. And this is definitely a show for parents to keep their children entertained.

The remaining session dates and times for Meg In The Magic Toyshop are as follows:-
Fri 08 Mar: 4:30pm
Sat 09 Mar: 10:00am, 11:30am
Sun 10 Mar: 11:15am
Fri 15 Mar: 4:30pm
Sat 16 Mar: 10:00am, 11:30am
Sun 17 Mar: 11:15am

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