Adelaide Fringe – Have Sex With Me Please

Hallelujah! The two biggest nincompoops in Adelaide Theatre are back, and we must heap praise on the alpha chads who have shepherded them every step of the way.

After several season launches last year, leading to no-shows, one might have wondered whether Muse of Fire would ever present a full production. Well – they have – and it is buckets of fun.

Nate “The Prince of Science” Troisi and Eddie “Total Virgin” Morrison make up the bad-boy theatre collective and bring to the tiny stage years of acting and comedy experience – which is immediately evident with the opening banger explaining the premise.

The setting is intimate, and the small crowd were absolutely raucous throughout – yelling, hollering, and completely involved in every moment of this surprisingly magnificent piece of rough comedy.

So – you’re probably asking – what is “Have Sex With Me Please”? From the marketing, you could be forgiven for thinking they want you to have sex with them, and this might be a very expensive way to try and get laid.

Eddie and Nate are both virgins, but don’t worry, only Eddie is seeking a sexual partner – Nate despises all forms of human contact. So the premise is set – will anyone in the audience be willing to take poor Eddie’s virginity?

Eddie tells us Nate has been deep in academic research about sexual habits in preparation for the show – but has he? No – it was really hard, so Nate has to fumble his way through, making Eddie more desirable.

Nate takes Eddie through various, increasingly absurd steps to make him more alpha and confident. The advice, purportedly from Professors, is from some questionable YouTube personalities. So Eddie is gradually transformed into a sort of sex-Frankenstein, becoming more and more ridiculous and pathetic at every moment, and the best friends (they have a medal to prove it) gradually unravel.

That brings us to the surprisingly gooey core of the piece. Both performers are perfectly pitched, absolutely at ease, and impossible not to laugh at and fall in love with. Seeing Eddie in an inflatable neckbrace actually made me proud. This is what Fringe should be – two total idiots making people cry with laughter for fifty minutes and then, somehow, miraculously, touching our stupid hearts.

Don’t miss your chance to have sex with Eddie.

Have Sex With Me Please runs at Prompt Creative Centre, Thursday 29th, March 1st and 2nd, all at 10:30 pm.

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