Terry Pratchett’s The Truth – A Delight for Discworld Fans

As a longtime fan of the Discworld series, I had the pleasure of experiencing the stage adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s The Truth. The production, presented by Roleystone Theatre at the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre, successfully brings the vibrant world of Ankh-Morpok to life.

The storyline revolves around William de Worde’s bold steps into the role of Discworld’s first investigative journalist. And it is a baptism of fire as scandalous charges of attempted murder and embezzlement against the esteemed leader of Ankh-Morpok, Lord Havelock Vetinari, emerges.

The cast is large, with highlight performances from Lord Vetinari(Lilly Litchfield), Gangsters Mr Pin(Aaron O’Neill) and Mr Tulip(Peter Carr), William De Worde(William Darlington) himself. However, due to the large ensemble, keeping up with the frequent scene changes can take a lot of work, and every cast member gets their chance to shine.

For avid Terry Pratchett fans, this stage adaptation is an absolute treat. It encapsulates the unique humour and charm that Pratchett’s writing is known for. However, those unfamiliar with his work or who have yet to read The Truth might sometimes find the storyline a bit demanding to follow.

The production stays faithful to Pratchett’s style and includes his signature quirky commentary on contemporary life through the lens of Discworld’s foray into journalism. William’s frustrations with the public’s blind acceptance of information and reluctance to believe the truth resonate strongly in today’s society. The play cleverly satirises the willingness of some individuals to believe falsehoods while rejecting the truth.

Roleystone Theatre deserves commendation for taking on this ambitious endeavour. The adaptation captures Terry Pratchett’s brand of humour and seamlessly weaves it into the narrative.

In conclusion, Terry Pratchett’s The Truth on stage is a must-see for fans of his Discworld series. The production effectively brings Pratchett’s beloved world to life with solid performances, creative staging, and the infusion of his distinctive humour. While it may be slightly challenging for newcomers to grasp the storyline fully, the overall experience is a delightful tribute to Pratchett’s legacy and satirical take on truth and journalism.

Terry Pratchett’s The Truth only has three sessions remaining. Book a session for Friday at 7:30 pm 7th, July or Saturday at 2 pm/7:30 pm 8th July.

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